Multi-firm wholesale agency, Lloyd’s Coverholder and registered in Section A of the RUI

Suretyship Business

The vast world of insurance bonds can be difficult to navigate: at Insurance Placement Agency we establish the best approach to enter it, guaranteeing the full realization of the agreements reached between the parties. We provide customers with a large variety of products in the surety sector, offering valid and tailor -made offers.

Trust the skills of the Insurance Placement Agency Team.

Advance payment between private individuals

CAR Public Works


Contributions for Recruitment, Training, Research and Development


Final Public Procurement

Definitive Public Bodies Supplies and Services

Customs duties

Payment Guarantee

Guarantees for the AAMS

Good Execution Generic – Public Bodies

Good Execution Generic – between Private Individuals

Generic Public Bodies

Register registrations at the Ministry of the Environment

Registration in the Waste Disposal Register

Supervisory Institute

Law 210

Provisional Public Procurement

Provisional Supply and Services for Public Bodies

Balance installment in Public Works

Public Balance Installment

Balance installment between private individuals

RC Company

VAT refunds

Release of Public Tithes

Release of tenths between private individuals


Lump sum

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